Facebook Ads also known as Facebook Advertising is a great way to reach an audience of people who are interested in your business on Facebook.

Unfortunately, many advertisers create Facebook Ads that don’t convert. As a result, they waste money and don’t get the results they’re looking for.

There are many reasons why your Facebook Ads may not be getting you results. But don’t worry, most of them are easily fixed! In this article, we’ll go over the 6 main reasons why your Facebook Ads may not be converting, and give you some tips on how to fix them.

What Is Facebook Advertising? 

Facebook Advertising is a social media marketing tool that allows businesses of all sizes to promote their company and content to potential customers. 

It is designed to help you reach the right people with a more relevant message, right when they’re most likely to engage with your brand.

However, it can also be used to attract customers to your website, drive traffic to your stores, or simply promote the sale of a product or service. 

With Facebook’s targeting tools and wide reach, you can create a campaign that reaches an audience interested in your product and then track its success.

6 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Are Not Converting In 2022

As you know, Facebook Ads can be a very effective way to reach your customers.

However, if the reasons for not getting results are not researched and resolved, it will waste time, effort, and money on non-effective advertising.

Your results may underwhelm you if you’re one of the many businesses that rely on Facebook Ads to promote your business.

Here are some common reasons why your Facebook Ads might not be converting.

1.  You’re Choosing The Wrong Objective

If you’re new to Facebook Ads, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is what your objective will be.

An objective is simply a measurement of how well your campaign performs overall. Facebook objectives are ways to define the goal of your ad.

You can create an objective when you create or edit an existing Facebook Ad. For example, if you’re running ads on Facebook to drive traffic to a website, pick Website Visitors as the objective.

If you’re running an event or promoting an in-person sale, picking App Installs or Conversions might make more sense.

By selecting the wrong objective, you could be missing out on other features that would help your campaign.

2. Your Ads Budget Is Too Low

Most Facebook advertising campaigns begin with a budget. It makes sense you want to control your spending and make sure you can grow into the campaign organically.

However, choosing a low bid can be a risky approach that could hurt your results. A low bid can cost you in the long run.

If you’re using manual bidding, consider increasing your maximum cost-per-click.

If you’re using automatic bidding, increase your budget and monitor your impressions. 

3. Your Audience Is Too Broad

Targeting too wide of an audience means a large amount of competition among other marketers to reach those individuals.

This typically means you’ll pay more per click, and likely experience fewer impressions and a lower conversion rate.

Furthermore, it makes it difficult to ensure your audience is interested in your ad.

However, there are certain circumstances where a large and less focused audience is ok, like when your objective is to increase brand awareness and not to drive conversions. 

4. You Are Not Personalizing Your Copy 

Take a critical read-through of the copy on your ad and look for words like “our,” “we,” “us,” and “I.”

Subconsciously, readers resonate more with content that speaks to their needs and applies to their challenges.

Rewrite your ad copy using user-focused words like “YOU” and “YOUR”.

The more directly you can speak to your audience, the more likely they’ll be to take action on your ad.

5. You’re Not Targeting The Right Audience

While it is true that Facebook has an incredible amount of data for you to use to create an audience, it doesn’t mean it’s 100% accurate.

When we like certain content or share someone’s post, Facebook makes assumptions about what interests us. This then becomes a factor in creating your audience.

Targeting the wrong audience will reduce your reach and make you spend more money.

In other to solve this issue, creating a Facebook ad campaign around audiences who are already interested in what you have to offer is one surefire way to increase your overall conversion rate. 

6. Your Call-to-Action Isn’t Enticing

Even though Facebook presents predefined Call-To-Action (CTA) to choose from, it doesn’t mean your ad copy can’t include one.

One reason your Facebook Ad may not be getting results in the number of click-throughs is that your Call-To-Action (CTA) isn’t enticing. Ensure that you use the correct call to action in the most sensitive part of your ad copy. 


Most business owners hate the idea of Facebook Ads because they already believe it is no longer working.  

However, the problem is that they’re not achieving their goals.

This can be for several reasons, including targeting the wrong audience or using the wrong copy, or using the wrong budget. 

But Facebook advertising isn’t all bad, and we want you to know that it can be done right by adhering to this article. 

If you’re looking to grow your business through Facebook Ads, we at LBDIGITAL are here to help.

You can send an email to our esteemed team of digital marketing experts at info@mylbdigital.com and we will be glad to help you with your Facebook ads campaign to get better results. 

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