When it comes to increasing your ranking on Google for free — SEO should be your focus. Why? Because it is essential to global commerce and is a primary component of effective digital marketing.

Getting it right doesn’t have to be expensive. It just takes strategic thinking, effort, and useful tools and techniques.

When most people launch a new website, they want to see it attract traffic and climb search engine rankings. But in reality, that isn’t the case.

It can be difficult to see any result in Google when you are just starting out. You have to learn the additional things that make a site rank on google.

If you depend on people to find you through a Google search, search engine optimization (SEO) needs to be at the top of your priority list.

There are certain things you can do to increase your chances of getting ranked higher on the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

If you’re working to boost your website’s ranking, there are 7 simple tips to increase your website rankings on google.

1. Conduct a Keyword Research

Proper keyword research is key to the success of an SEO campaign. It sets the base to help you make your website rank better on the search engine results page.

The more targeted your keywords are to your particular niche, the better.

Creating and utilizing targeted keywords will help you to rise above competitors and strain out the more generalized content.

When figuring out how to increase your Google ranking for free, here are two top tools to improve your keywords:

2. Maintain Internal Links and Backlinks

Another great technique to increase your Google ranking for free is to make sure you have a good amount of external links and internal links on your site.

You can use tools like Ahrefs and Google Analytics to keep track of any mentions of your site.

3. Optimize Images and Other Media on Your Site

Yes, you should think about SEO regarding images and other media too.

It is probably not the first thing that comes to your mind, but that doesn’t make it any less important.

Title your photos, infographics, videos, and other media with relevant words /phrases and write descriptive alt tags.

While you are in the midst of reviewing everything, make sure all media is formatted correctly and uploads quickly.

4. Post Unique, Relevant Content

Nothing drives web traffic and improves the authority of your website as well as posting quality content.

Content is king. You need to create content that answers the needs of your target audience.

Once you determine what your audience needs, write about it, and most importantly, be sure to include keywords in your content as naturally as possible.

5. Boost Your Website’s Speed

Search engines rate site speed when ranking websites. If your website loads too slowly, then visitors are more likely to leave.

Visitors are most likely to leave if your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

The attention span of users nowadays is very short. You have to catch them fast and early.

In the mind of potential clients, a slow site is an untrustworthy site.

As businesses become more conscious of the opportunities to produce targeted leads and increase revenue through search engine optimization, there is a huge demand for speed.

6. Create New Blog Content Often

Don’t let your site get stale. You can increase your website visibility when you publish new content online on a regular basis.

You can even explore Google Trends for ideas on new blogs for hot topics related to your industry.

Make sure to choose your keywords strategically throughout the blog. You want them to keep coming back for more.

7. Install Social Sharing Buttons

Do you know the number of times your content is shared on social media sites can affect your ranking?

The power of social media shouldn’t be underestimated.

Social media also drives buying behavior.

Placing social sharing buttons on your site makes it easy for users to share your content.

In return, your site ranks better on search engine results, and your website/business is now exposed to a wider range of audiences than before.

Ranking Up for Increased Sales

Updating your website content, including headers and multimedia, produces value for users while keeping your website constantly stocked with fresh material for search engines to index.

In the backend, you should optimize your website for mobile and make changes that boost site speed.

Placing social sharing buttons and maintaining links will also help search engines recognize that your content is valuable and relevant.

Now that you’ve discovered how to increase your Google rankings for free, you can broaden your reach and optimize your site— and boost sales.

With some effort, and a determination to make your site the best that it can be, visibility can set you on a trajectory to accomplish aggressive sales goals.

For more information on the many ways, you can boost your business online, follow our blog here. LBDIGITAL provides marketing tips that uncover the best way to grow your business.

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