A landing page is considered one of the most essential elements of a digital marketing campaign and search engines have changed things by making any page with relevant content for a particular query into a landing page. 

Many businesses use methods like search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and social media marketing to draw new leads to their site and there’s a good chance for you to direct people to landing pages on your site.

You need to create landing pages that will engage your leads and encourage them to act. so what is a landing page?

What Is a Landing Page?

A landing page refers to any website page that a user arrives at after clicking a hyperlink.

A landing page is usually a stable URL that is indexed by search engines, as opposed to a temporary splash or jump pages that are used to move traffic to a site for marketing purposes.

The idea was that the users would come into the customized landing pages and then click through to the content selected for those pages, opt-in to an email list, or perform whatever action as desired.

They aren’t like any regular webpage. Their whole purpose is to encourage the visitors to complete a specific goal. The goals will vary with industry, product, and stage in the customer journey.

Benefits of Having a Landing Page

1. It Leaves a Good First Impression

Landing pages serve as the front door to your business, regardless of where they exist on your website.

Well-designed landing pages that provide value for the reader, improve click-through rates and effectively kickstart the buyers’ journey.

2. It Generates Leads and Conversions

A landing page helps create more qualified leads and result in higher conversion rates. Optimizing your landing pages is one of the quickest ways to increase your volume of leads and sales.

You can improve conversion rates as long as you have a sound understanding of your target audience’s needs.

3. It Promotes New Products and Services

Creating a dedicated landing page for a feature, tool or technology really shines a light on the value it adds to both your product and your customers.

 It’s a lot easier to bring real-world benefits to light with a landing page devoted to a particular service.

4. It’s Direct and to the Point

A good landing page clearly lays out the value your brand can offer site visitors. That directness can be very refreshing for a B2B audience that just wants to find a solution to whatever problem.

A landing page is a perfect vessel for communicating your core brand messaging and value. In the right circumstances, that’s exactly what your target audience needs.

5. It Builds Credibility

A good landing page can provide relief for whatever pain points your customers are coping with. You can really hammer the point by displaying testimonials or showcasing some of your former and current satisfied clients.

Neil Patel notes that a core component to establishing credibility with landing pages is incorporating social proof into that content. 

All of this shows your target audience that you don’t just talk the talk – you can back it up with real, tangible results. And if you’ve delivered major ROI to clients in the past, there’s no reason for site visitors to think you won’t do the same for them.

7. It Increases Your Search Traffic

An optimized landing page that is search-friendly uses targeted keywords and follows search engine optimization best practices will drive more organic traffic to your site. That’s a guarantee. We’ve done it countless times.

However, once you’re satisfied with your content, don’t get too comfy. It’s always a good idea to routinely assess your pages’ performance, identify potential execution gaps and update your content accordingly.


Whatever your current business goals may be, well-crafted landing pages support those objectives. It’s eminently customizable and flexible. 

So, if you haven’t already, take stock of your landing pages to identify where you could use more and refine your existing content to make it more search-friendly.

Visit us at LBDIGITAL to create a landing page that will drive organic search traffic, increase conversions and capture more qualified leads for your business. I hope you find this article resourceful. Do let me know in the comments section. Thanks for reading!