Have you noticed the Twitter newsletter feature on Twitter and you wonder how you can do this for your Twitter account too? Then worry not, we are here and we got you covered!

Many people are already using the Twitter newsletter to grow their audience. By showing your newsletter on your Twitter profile, you can make it even easier for your followers to become newsletter subscribers.

People will now be able to subscribe to a Revue newsletter directly from your Twitter profile by clicking the ‘Subscribe’ button — and all you have to do is activate the feature in your Revue Account Settings!

Here’s how it looks:


Image Source: Revue

First things first, you need to connect your Revue account with Twitter.

Next, in your Revue account, head to Account Settings, then Integrations. At the top on the left, under ‘Sources’, you’ll see Twitter:

Image Source: Revue

Click ‘Settings’, and you’ll see a page where you can enable the feature. Optionally, you can select a sample issue to show your followers as a preview of your work:


Image Source: Revue

Check the box next to ‘Show newsletter on Twitter profile’.

If you want, choose an example issue from the drop-down list for followers to check out before subscribing. If you run a paid newsletter, this will need to be an issue available to all subscribers and not a members-only issue.

Hit ‘Save changes’, and you’re all set! Head to your Twitter profile to check out the new, beautiful button — and remember to tell your Twitter followers they can subscribe directly from your profile.

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