Social Media Management and Marketing


Building your know, like and trust factor, engaging content and engaging audience toward achieving specific objectives are the hallmarks of social media. We increase your visibility, place you right in front of your target audience and increase your leads. If you are ready to stay top of the mind, showcase your uniqueness and offer, look no further LBDigital.
You run your business while we run your social media towards increasing your visibility, building trust, generating leads consistently amidst other objectives. We help you achieve your goals through professional management of your social media pages and giving your audience a memorable experience.
If you have a great product or service, you owe it to your business and yourself to create as much awareness for it. It is no point sitting on a great product or service and that’s why we deliver laser-targeted advertisements with an impressive return on Investment.
While social media management seems more organic, we couple it with social media advertisement to reach a new audience, build trust and relation towards influencing them to take a specific desired action.

Ready to generate leads consistently?

To achieve your financial and business goals, your customer journey and touchpoints need to be automated and geared toward conversion. If you’ve created a good product or service, you deserve to make money and generate leads while you sleep.
If you are ready to generate qualified leads for your business like clockwork and ready to scale then we’d like to work with you to deliver laser-targeted social media advertisements that get absolute strangers to become raving brand evangelists.
We are your best hands in Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn ads that generate impressive returns on investment.

Our result-driven process

Social media is a rapidly changing tech environment and what works today may no longer work tomorrow. Our team of experts are always researching and staying up to date with trends and able to deliver a personalized campaign that delivers desired results.
Our methods and techniques are white hat strategies that are proven beyond a reasonable doubt. We measure, analyze and improve our campaign towards increasing its effectiveness and increasing your return on investment.


We do not believe in a one size fit all approach to solving problems. Most interestingly, we take our time to understand your business and its core peculiarities. We develop our strategic plan and tactics based on our data, trend and what works for your kind of business.


We create actionable, compelling and result-driven personalized content toward achieving your specific goals and objectives. We create beautiful graphics and visuals that get the attention of your target audience succinctly.


We monitor and gather data from and around our social media campaigns to make a better decision. We set up all the analytics you can imagine and we track, we compare, we evaluate and we act. We identify the key times for you to post to maximize reach with your customers and we adjust campaigns accordingly. We don’t set and forget.


We gather every data and make sense out of it towards improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. We optimize for more leads, sales and a higher return on your investment.

Lekan Banjo
CEO and Owner

“ Using a research-based approach, our studio applies design innovation as the primary source of differentiation. Over the last 15 years, success has been built through a unique combination of strategy and technology. ”
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