As someone who would love to make money out of blogging, having a WordPress site is very crucial. This is so because WordPress is the best CMS (Content Management System) and rules over 42% of the website on the internet.

Having a WordPress website is not enough, you need to have some additional WordPress plugins to add more functionalities to your blogs. 

Blogs are one of the most popular and important types of websites as they help you to promote your business and interact with your visitors online.

If you’re serious about blogging, you’ll need tools that will help you connect with a broad audience and protect your website against common threats.

You might also need social media plugins to maximize your reach and to optimize your site for speed.

Fortunately, there are many WordPress plugins for blogs to help you with it which we will be listing in this article. Here are some of the best WordPress plugins to achieve super results with your blog.

Best WordPress Plugins For Your Blog Websites

  • Akismet Anti Spam 
  • Yoast SEO
  • Jetpack
  • Wp Forms
  • Optimole
  • Thirsty Affiliate
  • Wp Super Cache
  • Elementor

1. Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin 

This is an anti-spam WordPress plugin that examines all your comments and contact form submissions to find any sort of harmful content. It automatically analyzes the website and drops out the contents that might occur as spam.

This plugin also scans through your comments and filters out the ones that resemble spam. It examines all contact form submissions and prevents your website from publishing malicious content. 

2. Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

Ranking your blog post to rank on Google should be your utmost priority if you want to grow your audience with blogging. This is where Yoast SEO comes in handy.

Yoast SEO is one of the best WordPress plugins for blogs to help your site rank high on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This tool helps you optimize your content based on focus keyphrase, content readability, and SEO titles. 

3. Jetpack WordPress Plugin

Jetpack is probably one of the best WordPress plugins for blogs if you want to effortlessly manage your blog website.

It comes with various security features such as spam and malware protection, backups, and activity logs.

This plugin also helps you with SEO with built-in website analytics and social media integration.

4. Wp Forms WordPress Plugin

Wp Forms is an essential WordPress plugin that makes it easy for people who visit your site to communicate with you.

This plugin has exciting features like customizing the confirmation messages visitors will see when they interact with your form.

It comes with inbuilt spam protection, and you can prevent bots by adding CAPTCHA, reCAPTCHA, or even Google’s new Invisible reCAPTCHA so you don’t frustrate your website visitors. 

5. Optimole

If your blog provides content that’s centered around displaying images, then you’ll need extra help with speed optimization.

This is where Optimole comes in. This WordPress plugin can help you compress your media files, making a massive difference in your site’s performance.

6. Thirsty Affiliate

If your blog is about making money through affiliate marketing, then the Thirsty Affiliates WordPress plugin is made just for you. Promoting affiliate links should be done properly and not spamming your website visitors with thousands of links

This is where you will need a Thirsty affiliate. This plugin helps you hide affiliate links on your blog post.  It also allows you to create a short link and redirects it to the unnecessary long affiliate link.

7. Wp Super Cache 

Too many cache files reduce the performance of your website. However, a good caching plugin can also reduce the loading time of your blogs by a wide range.

For this, WP Super Cache is one of the best WordPress plugins for clearing cache files. 

8. Elementor 

There are a lot of excellent page builders out there but Elementor still remains one of the best page builders to use. It’s not only used for building a blog but any kind of website. 

Elementor has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface through which you can effortlessly make any changes you need for your blogs. 


WordPress is an excellent CMS that is very efficient for blogging. If you’re passionate about making a substantial amount of money from blogging, then having any of these WordPress plugins shouldn’t be overlooked.

Starting with plugins like Jetpack to gain website-tracking features and more.

Make sure that your SEO game is always on point with Yoast SEO

And finally speeding up your site with the Optimole WordPress plugin

We hope that you use the ones that you need to get the best results for your blogs. Moreover, we advise you to not use all the plugins at once as all of them are not entirely necessary for your blogs. Using all of them at once might increase the load on your blog website and make it even slower.

However, installing at least 4-5 plugins is good enough to bring in the result you might need on your blog. 

What other plug-ins do you use on your blog website to increase its efficiency? Let us know in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you. 

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