Increasing conversions on your website is usually the goal of many business owners. You may have probably typed on the search bar “my websites don’t convert”, but you are not getting tangible results. Not to worry, in this article I will give you 4 reasons why your website is not converting and how you can increase your conversion rate.

1. Your Site is not SEO Optimized

There is this saying “If you are not ranking, you are not going to be seen”. There is no way you will create a website and then expect it to rank on Google without implementing a good SEO strategy. SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is simply those processes, techniques taken for Google to trust your business and hence make you visible when they search for you. Read more here.

The fix for this is you should implement a good SEO strategy for your business. The good thing is you are in the right place. LBDIGITAL can be your sure plug to make your website SEO optimized.

2. There is a lack of Value in your Products

Note that before a user purchases your product, they want to be sure the product they are purchasing is solving their problem. If you are clear as to how your product will solve their problem, they wouldn’t purchase it. For instance, If you are selling a laptop, you should talk about the value of the laptop like it is portable, has an 8GB ram and 1terabyte, etc. This would help convince your potential buyers about your product.

The fix for this: Always discuss your unique value proposition for your products. What makes your product better than your competitors’ product.

3. Your Website doesn’t have CTAs

CTAs stand for the call to action. They serve as elements that persuade your users to take the next step. Your CTA can come in the form of a signup button, buy now, etc. It depends on your niche and industry.

CTAs are crucial as it is regarded as the building block to buying your products. So you need to have them in abundance on your website. However, don’t provide many so you don’t chase your visitors away from your site.

4. Your website is not mobile-responsive and friendly

Statistics have shown that over half of the world’s website traffic is generated through mobile phones. So this is to tell you that your websites need to have a fantastic mobile experience.

Having mobile experience means making sure your website fits correctly in smartphones in other words responsive. This is very crucial to conversion. So you ought to work with a web design agency to ensure your site is responsive.

Final Insights

You read to the end, Awesome! I am sure you now know why your website is not converting. You may be asking what next? I don’t have the solution to all these problems. What can I do? Don’t worry friend, LBDIGITAL is your solution.

We will help you build a top-notch, mind-compelling website that doesn’t only make your website convert but make your users have an amazing experience too. Reach out to us and we will respond to you swiftly to build that dream website of yours. Also, read 7 tips for choosing the right hosting plan for your business